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Quelbox injects a compelling edge into the email marketing project, blending innovation seamlessly with strategic intent. It's a narrative crafted with unwavering dedication to reshape communication dynamics. The charm emanates from the fusion of Quelbox's state-of-the-art technology with an authentic commitment to delivering impactful, personalized messages.

Quelbox's email marketing project stands out for seamlessly blending innovation with strategic vision. It's a dedicated narrative, integrating cutting-edge technology for impactful, personalized messaging—elevating the initiative beyond traditional approaches with engaging authenticity.

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CEO & Founder

Luke Roy

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CEO & Founder

Halou Wang

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VP Sales

Jonas Mickelson

Care Team

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VP Rnd

Arlo Jenkins

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VP Product

Bernie Black

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Laurent DeAngelo

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VP Sales

Richard White

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Danielle Marco

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VP Finance

Artem Gurevich

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